Customer summary of our annual performance 2022/23

About this online customer summary

This is a summary of our performance against the commitments we agreed to deliver in year-three of the five-year business plan period called ‘AMP7’.

our performance

Customer engagement helped us to establish our top priorities for the services we provide, and helped shape our plans and the benefits we will deliver.


This is the third year of AMP7 and we have seen our best ever operational performance.

We met or exceeded over 80% of all of our performance commitments.

We achieved our leakage target for the 17th consecutive year.

We are supporting over 330,000 households through our extensive range of affordability schemes so far in AMP7.

We’ve reduced pollution incidents by 39% since the beginning of AMP7.

We’re reducing blockages, collapses, flooding and pollution through our innovative dynamic network management programme.

We’ve seen over a 20% improvement in water quality contacts.

We’ve increased the number of customers signed up to our Priority Services scheme to over 294,000.

We’re supporting over 22,000 jobs across the region.

We expect to achieve our best ever performance in C-MeX.

Progress against our six carbon pledges has reduced our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by a further 1.5% this year.

of the year

of the year

For AMP7 we have seven ‘outcomes’ which describe what we want to achieve for customers.

These outcomes contain a number of ‘performance commitments’.


Met or exceeded performance commitment

Performance commitment not met

Performance trend:




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